About Us

We believe that producing a quality mead or wine of any variety is 90% art and 10% science. Toss in a bit of sweat and heartburn for good measure and you’ll have the typical small winery. In our case a ‘micro-winery’. It is a craft like many others, a true love of mead that drives us to produce more than just any honey wine but the finest mead possible. Our passion is to create something special from one of the most natural substances on earth.

More so than the ‘terroir’ for grape wine, the character of each mead comes directly from the honey itself. This ‘essence’ is derived from the type and quality of the floral sources in the region that the bees work. Our goal is to produce wine and spirits that reflect the character of that honey.

If a mead is not good enough for us to drink or to offer to our friends, then we won’t sell it.

Mead - It’s not just for Vikings anymore!