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The Club - Not your mothers wine of the month club.

Membership in the Rabbit's Foot Meadery and Red Branch Co. club is limited to 50 of our most fanatical fans.

If you have been around the brewery for a while you may have noticed that membership in one of those 90 slots is not easy to come by.

More often than not there is a waiting list. . .

What Are The Benefits of Joining? Glad You Asked!

With Your One-Year Membership You Will Enjoy the Following Benefits:

Complimentary Drink Tickets Redeemable At Each“Open Saturday” event.
A Special Beer Club Glass Larger Pour Same Price.
Special Seasonal Brews in Growlers Available For Purchase to Members Only.
Annual Beer Club Members Appreciation BBQ At The Meadery
Special Club Member Hours. If your here you get to stay longer.

In Addition, Beer Club Members Receive Preferred RSVP Status to Sell-Out Events!

Priority Access To The Annual Brewer’s Dinner Tickets

And, Yes, More Coming!

Membership Costs $100 Per Person and Is Valid For 1-Full Year.

Contact To Reserve Your Spot Today!


Contact us at the meadery at 408-747-0770 for more details.




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