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While a meadery is classified as a winery, we use technologies from both the winemaking and brewing industries. A brew kettle is used to heat water in which the honey is added, dissolved and any other ingredients added.

Our kettle is capable of handling over 500 gallons in a single batch and is temperature controlled to protect from buring the honey which would ruin the delicate aromas from each varietal of honey used.




Fermentation is done in one of our three 500 gallon fermenters. These stainles steel vessels are temperature controlled and fermentations will progress anywhere from two to several weeks at 60-80 deg. F.

The design of these tanks allow us to rack the mead off the lees simply by draining the lees from the bottom of the tank. Once the fermentation is completed the mead is then barrelled and aged or bottled.




Many of our meads at Rabbit's Foot Meadery are aged in American Oak. This imparts subtle oak flavors in addition to a slow oxidation which enhances the body and character of the mead.

Each mead will be sampled periodically and may age in barrel for as little as 6 months and as long as 10 years or more. Unlike typical grape wines, mead is notorious for its ability to age well beyond 20 years.

If you stop by the meadery we'll be happy to pour you a sample of our 5 year old Mead of Poetry.


After aging for the desired amount of time, our meads are bottled and shipped to consumers and retail outlets across the country

Tasting mead is much like tasting wine. However it is important to serve the mead at the appropriate temperature for the particular style of mead and in a glass that is complimentary to the style. Lighter dry meads should be served chilled and in a tall narrow wine glass, where sweeter and stronger meads can be served in a dessert wine glass either chilled or at room temperature.








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