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"Bees collect nectar from the blossoms and in turn create honey"



What is Mead?

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey and water, sometimes with fruit and spices added as flavorings. Contrary to popular belief, Mead is not simply a sweet wine produced from honey. Mead can be dry, semi-sweet, sweet or include other fruits. It can be as varied as the honey from which it is made.

Mead has been called by many different names including: melomel, cyser, pyment and metheglin. It is typically clear with a slight gold tint and with an alcohol content of between 7-18%. By varying the proportions of honey and water and the point at which fermentation is stopped, a wide variety of types can be produced ranging from a very dry and light, to sweet and heavily bodied. If fermentation is left to continue while bottled, a sparkling mead resembling a sparkling white wine or champagne can be produced.

The main ingredient of any mead is honey. Both the flavor and the color of the honey depend on the variety of the flower that the nectar comes from. Clover honey is light in color and mild, while honey from buckwheat is much darker and stronger. Honey is rich in simple sugars; dextrose and levulose and contains more calories than ordinary sugar in addition to sodium, iron and potassium levels that make it ideal for fermentation.

Mead can be broken down into general categories like sweet, medium and dry as well as still or sparkling.

We use several different varieties of honey each with their own unique characteristics. By purchasing only those honeys that meet our exacting standards are we able to control the end result. Click here for a short history of mead .







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