"The finest dessert wine in America"



Sweet mead is one of the great wines of history and our sweet meads are some of the greatest.

It is no simple thing that our sweet meads have been likened to some of the finest collectable dessert wines in the world. There is a certain complexity to our dessert meads that rival the best Sauternes, Tokaji and Beerenauslese and ours can age for decades, and with each passing year becoming more rich and intense with greater complexity.

Each year we reserve a certain number of cases of our sweet mead to cellar and each year we release a set of three bottles from different vintages. These bottles are truly the essence of fine dessert mead.

Sip once and you'll understand that the sweetness is only lingering . The finely balanced acidity is in harmony with lucious orange, wildflower and jasmine honey notes that can only come from a true honey wine.

Only water, honey and yeast are used to ferment these meads, no additional back sweetening or additions of acid blends are used like other producers. All natural. 100% pure.

They just get better with age.




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